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Focus On The New Generation And Advocate Children'S Fashion Lifestyle

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Children'S WearSchool Uniform

Chic2023 (spring) "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area gathers fashion trend, industry, brand and channel resources to meet the diversified needs of enterprise brand promotion and channel expansion. It is an important resource and business platform connecting high-quality children's wear, school uniform and consumer market.

Advocating children's fashion lifestyle

With the opening of the children's clothing market and the opening up of the children's clothing market, China's children's wear market is further improved. Thanks to the promotion of consumption upgrading, the rise of the middle class and the national fertility policy, China's children's wear market will continue to develop rapidly. Medium and high-end children's clothing, small children's clothing and baby children's household products will become the key areas of children's clothing enterprises' layout, and the marketing mode will also accelerate the integration of online and offline development. People pay more and more attention to the comfort, health and safety of clothing products consumption. Because of the particularity of children's wear objects, the product quality has become the focus of the whole society. With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enrichment of materials, the demands of young parents for children's clothing market have changed from practical and cost-effective to personalized and refined.

In order to promote the development of China's children's wear industry, lay out new business channels, and help the industry's upstream and downstream empowerment, the "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area helps brands focus on the new generation of target consumer groups, meet the consumer demand of the new generation of children's wear consumer groups, taking into account the safety, comfort and personality fashion of the new generation of children's clothing consumers, and focus on new consumption, new commerce and new trends, Advocate children's fashion lifestyle and parent-child company and other brand value propositions, provide channels for children's clothing brands to actively carry out cross-border linkage, IP cooperation and all-round and omni-channel marketing activities, help enterprises transfer brand concepts, realize immersive and scene marketing, and enhance the brand's influence and reputation.

"Children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area

"Children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area covers infant clothing, children's clothing, children's clothing, children's clothing, school uniform, garden clothes, play AIDS, parent-child clothing, children's shoes, children's accessories and children's articles. The exhibition area selects high-quality children's clothing and school uniform enterprises, reflecting the trend of children's clothing fashion such as leisure sports, street Korean Department, children's interest design sense, British college style, etc., and strives to create a full range of children's clothing exhibition.

Among them, school uniform, as a kind of school dress, is the embodiment of national, regional and school cultural accumulation, showing a country's education level and cultural norms. At the same time, school uniform is also an important part of the "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area. Chinese school uniform is the epitome of culture, education, history and even politics. Contemporary Chinese school uniform not only expresses the sense of cultural identity and belonging, but also embodies the humanistic character in style design and aesthetics. These excellent school uniform design will be displayed in the "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area.

From children's high setting to virtual fashion, from cutting-edge design to national style intangible cultural heritage, lifestyle and life aesthetics in different scenes tell a new blueprint for the development of Chinese children's wear. The design and aesthetics of Chinese children's wear are constantly changing, and they are combined with more cultures to create infinite charm. As one of the series activities of chic "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area, chic Kidz shows is an important platform for domestic and foreign children's wear brand fashion trend release, brand promotion, product display and business exchange.

Chic2023 (spring) "children's wear and school uniform" exhibition area, take you to look forward to the future development of children's clothing, experience the new generation of fashion lifestyle, and walk with chic "children's dream", the future can be expected.

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